Jonathan Schmidt

Jonathan Schmidt has been a faculty member of CHAVÓN The School of Design from 2013 to 2022. He is the Head of Illustration and Animation Department, including teaching illustration and drawing, conceptualized and introduced tra-digital animation in to the school curriculum. In charge of Internship program.

Graduated from CHAVÓN The School of Design with an AAS Fine Art & Illustration (Magnum Cum Laude), 2003. Studied at Parsons School of Design, degree in Fine Arts and BFA Illustration, 2005 .

Selected for the Artist in Residence program of CHAVÓN. Worked on different projects for the Dominican Department of Education in the creation of children’s books, and on the design and illustration of the cover for Penguin Young Readers Group, 2005–2006 Series.

Jonathan Schmidt exhibited and worked in wide acclaim in the Dominican Republic,  Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Museum of Barrio Harlem NY, Mystic Seaport  in Connecticut and Parsons Gallery NY.


  • Storyboards for upcoming film USA “Mercury” 2022 , Season 4 of NICKELODEON’S “Are you Afraid of the Dark. Director Dean Israelite 2022 

Jonathan Schmidt has been the Director/CEO/Storyboard Artist/Lead Animator from 2013 to 2022 of Piece Of Schmidt Productions. He has worked on the following proyects:

  • Director of creative content including concept creation, story conception, character conception and development, character design, storyboarding and  animation. 
  • Storyboards and Animation for “EPS Express Parcel Service” advertising campaign. R.D. 2022  
  • Has been instrumental in creating 5 original animated series properties –  Nin Rana, Suckers and in development: After Ascension, Gulls, and Jaymse 
  • Reportage illustrations for ¨LA Bodega de M.G. Cuesta / MAENO & CO. R.D. 2020  
  • Storyboards/Animatics/test animation for COLFIRE insurance Trinidad Tobago 2019 
  • Arrive Alive Children’s coloring book / CL communications Trinidad and Tobago 2019 
  • Participated in ¨ BIENAL DE DISEÑO España 2018 ¨ 
  • UTC Bank Trinidad – Illustration and design of coloring book 2017
  • Lone Coconut –Partner / Storyboard Artist / Lead Animator: 2013 – 2022   
  • Storyboards for Netflix show “the I-Land” 2018 
  • Storyboards for upcoming film “ Sol en el Agua” 2018 
  • Re-storyboarding and sequence animation for “Barberia” film 2018 
  • Storyboard and lead animation for “Loki 7” action movie 2016
  • Storyboard and lead animation for “Los Fabulosos Ma Mejores” baseball movie 2015 
  • Storyboard and animation “Rica Milkids” video advertising campaign 2016 • Storyboard for “Mosh” movie not yet released 2017 
  • Storyboard and character design consultation for “Catastropico” action movie 2016 
  • Storyboard for “Barberia” movie not yet released 2016-17
  • Storyboard for “Raw Kakao” chocolate advertising campaign 2016 • Storyboard for “Uqbar” science fiction trailer for movie 2015 
  • Red Stone Studios – Cartographer: 2004-2005 
  • Painted large scale maps in accurate detail for ranches across the USA
  • Mustache – illustrations and designs for album covers, posters and t-shirts 2005-2012 
  • Mariano Pichardo/Cassandra – Bumper storyboard for “Cassandra”Award Show 2011 
  • Vinos Emereo – Wine label designs and art 2011
  • Aguar Por Vida – Art direction for print advertising campaign 2011 • Funda Mental – Storyboards for TV commercials and music videos 2006-2011  • Hostal Marina real – Tourist Map illustration 2010 
  • Jean Gabriel Guerra – storyboard for feature length film 2010 • Hotel Frances Santo Domingo R.D. – illustrations for Visitor’s Guide 2008  • Suiche Machete – Script Illustration for TV ad 2008 
  • Pages BBDO – Illustrations for Suzuki Swift campaign 2007 / illustrations for Exhibicion de Arte Pages BBDO 2008 / illustrations for One Man Show  Pages 2008 
  • Funglode R.D. – Editorial Illustration for Funglode Magazine 2005-2008 • Altos De Chavon – Artist in Residence 2006 
  • E.P.S. – Storyboard and animation for shipping advertising campaign 2006
  •  Illy Words Magazine – Editorial spread design 2005  • Penguin Group USA – Hip Hop Kids book jackets 2005