Ages 3 – 12 

At CHAVÓN we celebrate kids and nurture their innate creativity. Kids are naturally imaginative, and research has shown that encouraging their creative self-expression can significantly enhance cognitive development, fine motor (small muscle) and learning skills. Besides, it’s FUN! 

Left to their own imaginations, kids often make amazing things, but they blossom and flower when they are taught skills that enhance their naturally creative imaginations.  At CHAVÓN this complex learning is supported by age-appropriate activities in interactive social settings, combining developmental growth and socialization with elements of play. 

Participants are immersed in stimulating 2D and 3D projects using a variety of materials, including digital media when appropriate. Classes are tailored to the age 3 - 12, physical and cognitive levels of children in each group, engaging their interest as they are introduced to the basic concepts of design and visual expression — space, color, form, texture, value, light, and line. As the participants grow older, classes help them refine their technical tools so they can more effectively record what they see; realistically, expressively, dramatically or all of the above.

Classes are generally limited to 20 students and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

(Language of instruction and information for all programs available in Spanish)

3 intakes per year

January - April
12 weeks (After school, once a week)

July (Summer Camp)
5 weeks (Mornings, weekdays)

September - December
12 weeks (After school, once a week)