Continuing Education

Continuing Education classes at CHAVÓN are designed to provide adults and students over the age of 18 with an opportunity to explore their creative passions, learn new skills, fine-tune old ones or simply work creatively among like-minded companions. 

Courses cover a wide variety of creative disciplines and are offered in a several formats and at different days and times in order to accommodate the demands of full-time employment, university study or other commitments. 

Areas of study: 
• Fine arts
• Fashion
• Film 
• Graphic design 
• Illustration
• Advertising and Marketing 
• Interior design 
• Photography

Class Schedules & Registration

5-Week Programs generally meet for 3 hours each week, in the late afternoons, evenings or on weekends. In addition, there are 1-week and 1-day intensive programs.

1-week and 1-day intensive courses are scheduled throughout the year at different times and days and in different subjects. 

CHAVÓN offers its Continuing Education programs in various months throughout the year
•  February
•  April
• June 
• September 
• November 

Not all subjects will be offered in every intake. To register for classes, see registration procedures.

There are no academic or portfolio requirements for admission, but registration is on a first-come, first served, space-available basis.

(Language of instruction and information for all programs available in Spanish)