Fine Arts


Campus: Santo Domingo

A continuación, encontrarás toda la información de requisitos de admisiones y pensum con las materias a cursar:


First Year

First Trimester Credits
Integrated Seminar  I 2
Integrated Study I 2
Oral and Written Expression2
Digital Image I 2
Image Concept 2
Drawing 2
Art Seminar I 2
Space and Materials 2
Total 16
Second Trimester Credits
Integrated Seminar II 2
Integrated Study II 2
Figure Drawing II 2
Digital Image II 2
Analytical Drawing II 2
Art Seminar II 2
Space and Materials II2
Total 14

Second Year

Third Trimester Credits
Art Study I 3
Narrative Drawing2
Contemporary Culture 2
Time 2
Photography 2
Elective 2
Total 15

Fourth Trimester Credits
Art Study II 3
Art Culture I 2
Animation and Experimental Film 2
Two-Dimensional Media I 2
Three-Dimensional Media I 2
Total 15
FIFTH TrimesterCredits
Art Studio II2
Digital Media and Video2
Two-Dimensional Media II2
Three-Dimensional Media: Objects and Installation3
Art Culture II2

Course Descriptions

This class is essentially practical in nature, designed to acquire the fundamental technical knowledge and skills of painting. Students will be able to delve into traditional painting techniques such as oil, acrylic and their combination, understanding their applications and possibilities. In addition to providing students with technical resources, they will have an approach to the theoretical and historical knowledge essential for the development of their works, always promoting creative expansion with a critical approach and the understanding of their own context.

Drawing and Composition
The relationship between basic representation and visual-perception skills through drawing. Dealing with space and how space is represented through basic techniques and drawing skills, allowing students to develop projects whose aim will be to translate and express their ideas in a visual form.

Visuality and Contemporary Thought
“A look at art, its history and its processes from critical thinking. Students will have an approach to ideas, theories and artistic-cultural movements around the world, always taking into account the political and social phenomena that generated them. They will understand that the history of art is not linear, that there is an intertextuality at all levels of visual thought.” 

Contemporary Drawing
Approach to the human figure and the environment from classical to contemporary structures through drawing. Drawing will be studied as an essential tool for the development of projects and research in artistic practice. This class will provide the student with the technical resources to understand this medium in its many aspects.

Studio Art
Studio art is a space where students can put their formal skills into practice through a guided accompaniment in the journey of their creative processes. It is an analytical space that will allow them to connect, conceptualize, investigate, feel and be able to articulate the entire process behind the materialization of a work of art. This will be done through thematic axes and a group criticism system that will help them deepen their practices, maintaining a balance between the objective and subjective of their production.

Through this class, students will be able to define who they are, find their own voice and identify the media and disciplines that allow them to be more eloquent in the broad language of art.


Three-dimensional media
The multiple possibilities of creation through three-dimensionality will be explored through various modules presented by a diversity of expert artists. They will be able to conceive their projects using installation, sculpture and a multiplicity of media and materials such as ceramics, wood, textiles, metal, etc. to create their projects.

Video Art and experimental cinema
This class will allow students to express their artistic concerns through technology by creating interesting narratives and staging their vision and visual sensitivity. They will experiment with both stop motion and the processes that it entails, going through video art and experimental cinema.

Body Action Workshop
The participants will be immersed in a bombardment of audiovisual material where they will be able to learn about different practices and forms of development of action and performance art. All the artists have been selected under the premise of a work that is sustained on the pillars of the political, the poetic and the transgressor. The main objective of this workshop is to awaken the critical thinking of the participants. Generate questions through the study of the work of other artists with current social, contextual and political concerns.

Based on the hypothesis that art is capable of generating important discussions on current issues, this workshop aims to be a trigger for thought and a catalyst for future ideas.


“An approach to photography as an essential tool in the life of an artist. As is drawing, it can be developed as a medium in itself, but it can also accompany, complement and enrich the processes of art in a multiplicity of ways. This class will allow the understanding of photography beyond immediacy, allowing the student to explore the photographic image, manipulating it or using it simultaneously to other media.”

This class will teach students to recognize and identify the elements of communication and their functions in the relationship established between the work of art and the viewer in the different contexts that it is presented. It will also allow them to relate the literary, poetic and narrative with the construction of the symbolic in the arts, understanding the mechanisms of construction of the semiotics of the image. They will be able to relate the structural characteristic of art and the symbolic as basic axes of the construction of meaning.

The selected courses have as their aim to complement and consolidate the focuses of the area of fine arts and at the same time to offer new theoretical and practical tools that students may find useful in their professional development.


Fermín Caballos
Yoel Bordas
Gustavo Fermín
Raquel Paiewonsky
Sara Hermann
Mónica Volonteri

Regina Galindo

Career Opportunities




Tape recorder 

Art Photographer 

Multimedia Artist 

Collage Artist 

Mosaic Artist 

Installation Artist

Portrait Artist 

Landscape Artist 

Abstract Artist

Contemporary Art 

Artist Digital 

Fine Arts Artist 

Fine Arts Teacher

Art direction

Art History and Art Criticism

Art Therapy 



Studies and curatorial practices 

Exhibition Design 


Gallery management 



Two-Dimensional Design: Fabric, Tile, Wallpaper, etc.

Student Work


Admission to CHAVÓN requires high school graduation with a satisfactory grade-point average, the presentation of a portfolio,*  and an interview. For detailed information about admissions procedures, click here.

*Applicants to the program in Fashion Marketing and Communications are not required to present a portfolio but must complete the CHAVÓN Challenge.

Information for International Students

International students are welcomed to the CHAVÓN community and significantly add to its rich, artistically and intellectually diverse dialogue and culture. If you live outside the Dominican Republic, we encourage you to apply or to contact us, as we will always be available to assist you in the application process and to answer questions regarding such things as dormitories or other living accommodations, travel arrangements, visas, or any other questions you may have.