Corporate Communication Management


Campus: Santo Domingo


General Scope of Corporate Communication / Internal Communication
(13 hours)

  • Introduction to creative writing
  • Classification of literary genres
  • Deepening the didactic genre
  • How to write your autobiography?
  • Personal journal: writing as a relief
  • How do you tell a story?
  • The journalistic editorial
  • Steps to writing effectively
  • What to consider when writing a letter?
  • Creative ads

Drafting of Written Documents
(11 hours)

  • Structure of the PR
  • Letter Writing
  • Preparation of Speeches
  • Report Writing Structure
  • Composition of Annual Report

Sustainability – Corporate Social Responsibility
(13 hours)

  • Basic Concepts and evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Recognition of stakeholders and their importance in a CSR plan.
  • Regulations and concepts related to CSR management.
  • CSR trend and tools.
  • Socially responsible management.
  • How to develop a CSR plan.
  • Measurement and Evaluation of the CSR Strategy.

Branding – Brand Communication
(10 hours)

  • Audience
  • Branded Content
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Storytelling

Communication in times of Crisis
(13 hours)

  • Concept of crisis, characteristics
  • Preventing the crisis (symptoms of the crisis)
  • Communication management in times of crisis
  • Crisis and risk management
  • Crisis and opportunity
  • Crisis Management Manual
  • Crisis Management Committee
  • Spokesperson in Crisis Management
  • Management of public image and reputation during the crisis
  • Crisis management in social networks
  • Practical cases and simulations