Mavel Tejeda Directs the Fashion Marketing and Communication Major, Inspired by Her Entrepreneurial Spirit and Concept of Sustainability

Mavel Tejeda, a graduate in marketing of Santo Domingo’s Institute of Technology (INTEC) and with bothan MBA in corporate communication from EAE Business School (Madrid and Barcelona) and a degree in image, publicity, and corporate identity from the University Camilo José Cela (Madrid), is energetic and enthusiastic about everything she does.

With 10 years’ experience not only in consumer goods but also in marketing, publicity, and communication, today she serves as Nestlé’sconsumer marketing manager for food and beverages for LCR, where also she manages other well-known global brands.

Besides focusing on brand building and development, her eyes are also on education. As she notes, her mother motivated her to teach, and as a consequence, her high standards of empowerment, responsibility, and creativity have led her to become coordinator of the Fashion Marketing and Communication technical major at the CHAVÓN School of Design, with the determined objective of ensuring inclusive and equitable training in the Dominican Republic, where she promotes learning opportunities for all men and women 

“To be a stimulus for affecting the lives of people in the fashion industry is a real challenge for me; to be a resource for promoting initiatives tied to inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability, too,” says this vivacious professional, whose hope for the coming academic year is to inject her students with energy to identify new habits of responsible consumption, with the goal of accelerating the development of the Dominican fashion industry.

This lover of excellence, accompanied by a talented team of professionals in CHAVÓN’s teaching mold, leads a new curriculum designed to offer students a solid academic program, versatile, innovative, and competitive, that will enable them to develop their business ideas while they are on their learning journey.

As for the tools Mavel brings to the formation of professionals of substance, she expects students in her major to explore the relationship between art, design, marketing, and communication; analyze the fashion industry; forecast major trends; construct brands for products and/or services; and do commercial and editorial styling. She also hopes that students will develop visual commercialization, implement winning strategies in digital media, and acquire a solid base in fashion journalism and editorial, applying themselves with an entrepreneurial spirit and an outlook founded in sustainability.

In short, for Mavel Tejeda the most important thing is thatstudents majoring in Fashion Marketing and Communication at CHAVÓN express themselves through a spontaneous language, without stereotypes or barriers, and that they build iconic brands with a human objective, “a real objective,” whose result achieves a permanent emotional bond with people. In the end, she affirms, “We are CHAVÓN … a community!”


Fotografía: Eduardo Javier 

Estilismo: José Padilla