Chavonero wins among more than a hundred artists

Our 2018 class graduate in Fine Arts, Pedro Rogelio Troncoso, won first place out of 112 contestants from 28 different states in the US with his tryptic work called “Plan Liiist” as “Best in Show”, during the “Sixth Annual Showl Small Works 2019”, at Main Street Gallery in New York.

Pedro Rogelio -who won the Parsons scholarship in 2018, continued his 2+2 program and finished his studies in May- won the highest award in this exhibition of works of art of 12 inches or less. In the triptych, he uses portraits of his relatives, with that of his grandmother, Doña Carmen, with a childish touch given by the use of crayons of his 9 year old cousin, Leah, standing out.